The statement of the organizing committee of the Cannabis Legalize League

The Global Marijuana March takes place all jver the planet on the first Saturday of May since 1997. This year 222 cities of the world have declared about their participation. The authorities of all these cities do not violate the inalienable right of their citizens to gather peacefully and without weapon for expression of their demands. In Moscow there is an opposite situation year after year.

History of Moscow marches

During the first two Moscow marches in 2002 and 2003 there were no arrests because of small number of participants and lack of information on an event of authorities.

In 2004 organizers of the march for the first time decided to operate according to the law and have submitted the notice on carrying out. Under far-fetched and legally incorrect pretext ("propagation of drugs") the Moscow authorities "have given up in the coordination" (the interdiction of public action is not stipulated by the Russian legislation). When the people who gathered on Arbat, nevertheless, tried to take a walk down the parkway, the demonstration was broken up by force, 60 persons were detended.

In 2005 GMM in Moscow was forbidden under the same pretext, 6 arrested.

In 2006 the organizers gave up an idea of a the march as a street procession. Near the Fountain "Friendship of Nations", at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre there’d been taken place "The Canna Be-in". In spite of presence of some aggressively disposed citizens, the be-ing has passed without arrests and rather peacefully.

In 2007 after similar interdiction 10 participants of the procession on Arbat Street were detained. After the "hearing" that has been carried on with a host of remedial infringements, 6 person were sentenced to 10 days, one – to 15 days of the administrative arrest, two other participanties were fined.

The reasons, inducing Moscow authorities to forbid procession, are obvious – as a result of abolition of democratic procedures and, as a consequence, unaccountability to the citizens, who are actually deprived of suffrage, these figures are panically afraid of any display of street activity, and they forbid everything, that is contrary to their sanctimonious moral. Insisting on illegality and inadmissibility of such actions, the CLL organizing committee notifies hereby the Moscow authorities that in 2008 there WILL NOT be any street processions and "marijuana marches".


We invite all not indifferent people to the "Friendship of Nations" to the All-Russia Exhibition Centre on May, 3rd, at 15:00.Thematic clothes, excellent mood and musical instruments are welcome.Please, go without direct political propaganda.


The fountain "Friendship of The Nations" has been erected in 1954. In the center of a circle consisting of 16 female figures, that are personifying Republics of USSR – a sheaf made of inflorescences of sunflower, ears of wheat and hemp leaves. In 1961 USSR ratifies the prohibition Convention of the UN "On Narcotic Drugs". According to it, Cannabis is a dangerous drug, which should be destroyed everywhere. Domestic hemp cultivating has fallen into decay, and it can’t recover from this impact till now. We insist on necessity to return former value to the fountain, and we demand to eliminate prohibitive restrictions on hemp cultivation – the leader of Soviet agriculture. For this purpose we gather by the fountain on May, 3rd. Without politics.



Organizing committee of the Cannabis Legalize League